The Ontario Public Library is dedicated to providing quality library services to the entire Ontario area. Ontario is a small village of 554 people and is located on the banks of the Kickapoo River in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Our library is a member of the Winding Rivers Library System and the WRLSWEB consortium. Items from the 28 library WRLSWEB consortium can be ordered and delivered to the Ontario Library for your pick up. Libraries are more than just books, so be sure to browse our catalog to view the diverse selection of available materials. Deliveries are made on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Library History:

The Ontario Village Library had its beginnings in 1931, when a small group of interested persons initiated the movement as a reading project of the Baptist Church. Books were donated by anyone interested, and volunteers performed the work.

During the depression it was learned that PWA funds were available for the service of a librarian if some civic organization would sponsor the move. The Homemakers volunteered the sponsorship, and the Village Board supplied a building. 

When PWA became a things of the past, the Homemaker Club continued to pay the expenses through rummage sales and other events until the burden became too great. The Village Board then came to the rescue with an appropriation in the annual budget. 

Further help came in 1941 when the Vernon County Board approved an appropriation to be divided among six libraries in the county. This appropriation has continued each year since.

By 1953 the library has outgrown its quarters, and the village fathers provided funds to construct an addition to the Community Hall.

But again the library became overcrowded and once again the Village Board met the need. In 1975, with the aid of many volunteers the more than 10,000 books, magazines and other items were moved to the new building on Main Street.

In 2011, an addition was added to the existing library building. 


Library Board & Staff

The Library Board of Trustees normally meets the last Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am at the library.                                                                                                                                                                     

Library Board Trustees:

Terri Taylor, President

Mary Szepi, Vice President

Phyllis Winkler, Secretary

Kathy Barrett, Treasurer

Wilmer Pearson, School Representative

Kriss Hetzel, Trustee

Library Staff:

Rachel Conner, Director (ontlibr@wrlsweb.org)

Sandy Fennigkoh, Library Assistant

Katherine McElhose, Library Assistant

Library Mission

The mission of the Ontario Public Library is to provide quality materials and services which fulfill educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community in an atmosphere that is welcoming, respectful, and businesslike. 

Library Policies

Library Board Meeting Minutes